Australia Super Co-contribution Scheme 2024 Eligibility, Apply, Benefit Amount and Date

Here, you will find vital information concerning the Australia Super Co-contribution Scheme 2024 Eligibility, Apply, Benefit Amount, and Date. Australian Government lends a helping hand with your retirement savings. The Super Co-contribution Scheme is a government initiative specifically designed to support eligible low- and mid-income earners in building a more secure future. If you make a personal contribution to your super during the financial year, the government might compare a share of your contribution up to a certain limit. Continue browsing this article to know more about the Australia Super Co-contribution Scheme 2024, its eligibility, benefits amount, and more.

Australia Super Co-contribution Scheme 2024

Assume you’re a low or moderate-income earner and make a personal, non-concessional contribution to your super fund. In that case, the government may also make a co-contribution up to a maximum of $500. The government co-contribution varies according to your income and contribution.

The Australia Super Co-contribution Scheme aims to bridge the gap in superannuation balances between low and high earners, ensuring a more comfortable retirement for everyone. By encouraging contribution, the scheme empowers individuals to take greater control of their retirement financial security.

Super Co-contribution Scheme Eligibility

Not everyone qualifies for the Super Co-contribution. To be eligible for the Australia Super Co-contribution Scheme in the 2024 FY, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Your income must fall under $45,4000, and if it falls between $45,400 and $60,400, you are still eligible but for a partial co-contribution, and the amount decreases as your income increases.
  • Each individual has to make a personal contribution to their super fund. Here, the employer contribution or salary contributions dont qualify for the co-contribution.
  • At least 10% of your total revenue must come from the profession or running a business.
  • You must lodge your tax return for a suitable financial year.
  • You must be 71 years old by the end of the fiscal year.
  • You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident for the entire financial year. However, there are exceptions for New Zealand citizens and holders of specific temporary visas.
  • Your total superannuation ratio must be less than the general transfer balance cap at the end of June 30th of the previous financial year.
  • Your total non-concessional contribution for the year cannot exceed the non-concessional contributions cap set at $120K in 2024.

The are some essential eligibility conditions that an individual has to meet to have Australia Super Co-contribution Scheme benefits.

How to Apply?

To have the Australia Super Co-contribution Scheme benefits, you are not required to process for any separate application procedure. The Australian Taxation Office automatically assesses your eligibility when you lodge your tax return. If you fulfil the eligibility criteria and your super fund has your tax file number on record, the ATO will automatically pay the co-contribution to your super account.

Benefit Amount

The amount of Australia Super Co-contribution Scheme you receive depends on your income and your personal contribution. The government contributions. The government contributes 50 cents for every dollar you contribute, with a maximum co-contribution of $500 in the 2024 financial year.

Income Range (2024-25 FY)Maximum Co-contribution
Below $45,400$500
$45,400 – $60,000Partial co-contribution
Above $60,400Not eligible

Australia Super Co-contribution Date

You can make personal contributions to your super throughout the 2024-25 financial year. The period falls between July 1st, 2024, and June 30th, 2025.

The deadline to lodge your tax return for the 2024 FY typically falls in October 2024. However, lodging your tax return earlier ensures faster processing of your co-contribution entitlement.

All We Know

The Australia Super Co-contribution Scheme is a valuable government incentive to boost your retirement savings. To maximize your Super Co-contribution benefit:

  • Consider contributing strategically throughout the year to reach the maximum benefit.
  • Having multiple super accounts can incur fees. Consolidating into a single account simplifies management and maximizes the impact of co-contribution.
  • Financial counsellors can help you understand your superannuation prospects and devise a personalized strategy.

Overall, government co-contribution essentially translates to free money deposited into your super. Its benefits grow alongside your existing balance, and the earlier you start, the more growth you will have through compounding interest.

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