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If you are interested in knowing about Average Middle Class Income in Canada, we have also compiled Province Wise Average Income in this post.

Average Middle Class Income in Canada

Both its high level of life and its comparatively extensive social assistance programs are well-known in Canada. We can gain insight into the financial situation of our fellow Canadians by knowing the average income in the country.

Over 15% of individuals in Canada earn more than 15% of their yearly income in salaries. After taxes, the median income is $66,800, whereas the average income is almost $70,000 before taxes. If you intend to settle in Canada or if you want to know how your income stacks up against the average, it’s critical to know what to anticipate.

In this post we are going to discuss in detail about Average Middle Class Income in Canada, we will also provide province wise average income in Canada.

Understanding Middle Class Income in Canada

According to data from the Labour Force Survey (LFS), the average pay in Canada in October 2023 was roughly $64,850 annually. Canada, which has a good standard of living, stable politics, and stable employment for families, is ranked among the top 20 countries in the world with the highest salaries. With all of this, it’s a haven for professionals and the best talent in the world.

The national average pay is expected to increase by 4.2% in 2023, according to this government data. At $57,600 and $41,300, respectively, Alberta had the highest average and median income among the most populous provinces in Canada. This serves as another evidence that, despite external challenges, the Canadian economy is strong.

Average Middle Class Income in Canada Overview

Article TitleAverage Middle Class Income in Canada
National Average Pay$57,600
Highest Income Providing ProvinceNunavut and Alberta
More DetailsAvailable Here

Province Wise Average Income

In the table below we have provided province wise average income, for you to have a look.

ProvinceAverage middle-Class Income (Household) 2023Average Income  for a Single Person in 2023
British Columbia$67,500$66,232
Prince Edward Island$59,400$46,160
Nova Scotia$57,500$56,550
New Brunswick$56,900$57,336
Newfoundland and Labrador$59,300$52,562
Northwest Territories$127,000$77,900

We hope this table will help you to decide the province in which you wish to relocate based on the minimum income offered by the province. As you can see, the average annual income in some provinces is significantly higher than the average in others. Among the provinces, Nunavut has the greatest average yearly income, while the Northwest Territories has the highest median family income.

Province Wise Income Considerations

Although the cost of living has a significant role in determining the average salary in each province, other important factors include the kinds of jobs that are available and their average pay. Additionally, the minimum salaries in each province vary, which will also have an impact on the average incomes overall.

Every province has some places with significantly higher average earnings than others, which is another essential consideration. There are several possible explanations for this, including the fact that they are mining towns or that they provide a particular specialty that other locations do not.

Final Discussion

With an average salary of $303,400, specialist physicians were the highest-paying profession in Canada in 2020, according to income figures. The highest-paying sectors in the provinces and territory of Canada differ slightly from one another.

Effective April 1, 2023, the federal minimum wage in Canada climbed to $16.65 per hour. About 26,000 Canadian workers who make less than the current wage will find living more affordable thanks to this boost, according to a news release from Employment and Social Development Canada.

There are minimum wage requirements specific to each province. If the salary in a territory or province is lower than the federal amount, the employer is required to cover the difference. Additionally The most affordable Canadian provinces to reside in are New Brunswick, PEI, and Quebec.

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