Carer Allowance Increase 2024 Approved ! Expected Changes and Increase in UK Carers Payment

Here, you will find all the vital information regarding the Carer Allowance Increase 2024: Expected Changes and Increase in UK Carers Payment. If you spend most of your time looking after someone with disability or illness, you may be entitled to have some benefits assistance in the form of Carer Allowance. These allowance benefits are offered by the Department for Work and Pensions if you meet the required eligibility criteria, and for the year 2024, the DWP has made some specific changes. Continue browsing this article to know more about the Carer Allowance Increase 2024, its expected changes, and more.

Carer Allowance Increase 2024

Carers in the UK play a vital role in supporting loved ones with disabilities, illness, or other medical conditions. The Carer’s Allowance is a financial benefit designed to acknowledge this contribution and offer some level of income replacement for those who dedicate significant time to care.

In April 2024, the Carer Allowance Increase saw a much-needed boost in the weekly rate from £76.75 to £81.90, representing a 6.7% rise in line with inflation. This decodes to an annual increase of approximately £267.80.

Carer Allowance Expected Changes

Inflation has been a significant concern in the UK, impacting the cost of living for everyone, including carers. The 6.7% increase aimed to ensure Carer Allowance recipients have sufficient purchasing power due to rising prices.

A key issue is the call to raise the Carer Allowance Increase to match the National Living Wage. This reflects the minimum income needed for a basic standard of living. Currently, the gap between the allowance and the  Living Wage leaves many carers struggling financially.

For those who support working carers, the current eligibility criteria is 35 days of care per week. This poses a significant challenge for those who wish to work part-time or full-time. The proposals have addressed the boost in the earning threshold or introducing more flexible eligibility options.’

While a higher allowance is crucial, additional support is also needed; Caring can be emotionally and physically demanding. The current Carer’s Allowance is a flat rate. The cost of living differs significantly across the UK. The Carer Allowance Increase will be based on the higher living expenses compared to those in rural areas.

Increase in UK Carers Payment

The UK government has taken positive steps to break down the Carer Allowance Increase. The weekly carer’s allowance has risen from £76.75 to £81.90, representing a 6.7% increase in line with inflation.

Inflation has significantly affected the cost of living, and caregivers are no exception. The 2024 increase aimed to maintain purchasing power, but the question remains: Is it enough? Advocacy groups argue that the current allowance still falls short of adequately reflecting the financial burden and dedication required of caregivers.

Therefore, looking ahead to the potential developments, the Carer Allowance Increase has aligned with the National Living Wage. This reflects the cost of living required for a basic standard of life and would significantly improve carers’ financial security.

How to Claim Carer Allowance?

Before claiming the Carer Allowance benefits, the individual carer has to meet certain eligibility criteria. This involves:

  • Your age must be 16 or above.
  • Must be a resident of England, Scotland, or Wales.
  • Cannot be in full-time education
  • Cannot be subject to immigration control
  • Must meet earnings limits. You can earn up to 151 pounds weekly after tax, National Insurance and certain expenses are deducted.
  • The person you are caring for needs to have a higher or middle rate of DLA, PIP, AFIP, CAA, or any attendance allowance.

If you fulfil this requirement, then you will be able to make your claim online or by Post. The procedure involves:

  • Browsing the leading web portal of the GOV.UK
  • Click on Apply Now
  • You will be shifted to a new page here. Fill out all the information
  • You will also request for your National Insurance number, bank or building society details, and employment details.
  • Fill out the complete application and secure the required document.

If you are applying offline by post, there are two types of claim forms: DS700 and DS700(SP). To request a form, call the Carer’s Allowance Unit at 0800 731 0297. Print it out, fill it out, and send it to the DWP.

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