Carbon Rebate Amounts 2024-25: First & Second Adult, Each Child and Family of Four

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Canada Carbon Rebate Amounts 2024-25

The Carbon Tax is a federal policy that imposes a price on carbon dioxide emissions with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Through the quarterly Canada Carbon Rebate, the government of Canada is dedicated to giving Canadian households a portion of the windfall from carbon pricing.

Eight out of ten families actually receive more money back from the carbon tax rebates than they pay, making them the other half of the carbon pollution pricing scheme. Annually determined by factors such as your family’s circumstances, the amount the government receives from the carbon tax, and more, the Canada Carbon Rebate Amounts are subject to change.

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What is Canada Carbon Rebate?

The principal objective of the Federal Canada Carbon Rebate also known as the Fed Climate Incentive Payment 2024, is to reimburse Canadian families and individuals with the money obtained from the federal carbon price scheme. Customers’ higher prices as a result of the federal carbon price are lessened with the aid of this rebate payment.

This scheme incentivizes companies and customers to choose greener, more sustainable products by driving up the cost of carbon-intensive goods. It guarantees that public funds raised by carbon pricing are equitably dispersed, with a focus on lower-income individuals who may be disproportionately impacted by the higher prices.

Canada Carbon Rebate Amount Details

A family of four will get up to $1,800 under the basic Canada Carbon Rebate in 2024–2025 in provinces where the federal fuel levy is applicable. The provinces in question will get their first of four quarterly payments from the Canada Carbon Rebate in April 2024. The next three installments will come in July, October, and January of 2025.

For those living in tiny and rural settlements, there is an additional 10% rural supplement; this will rise to 20% as of April 20, 2024. April, July, October, and January 15th are the usual dates on which the Carbon Tax Rebate is paid annually. Should the fifteenth fall on a weekend or a federal holiday, the payment is made on the final working day preceding the fifteenth.

First & Second Adult, Each Child and Family of 4

The specifics of each province’s agreement with the federal government and the amount of revenue collected from carbon emitters determine how somewhat different their programs are from one another.

ProvinceFirst adultSecond adultEach childFamily of 4
Nova Scotia$124$62$31$248
Newfoundland and Labrador$164 $82$41$328
Prince Edward Island$120$60$30$240
New Brunswick$92$46$23$184
British Columbia$447$223.5$111.50

Since the federal government does not collect gas taxes in each of these territories, Yukon, Nunavut, Quebec, and the Northwest Territories are not involved in the CAIP. Each territory has devised unique measures to alleviate the burden on its residents; Yukon has even promised to return to its population every nickel it receives in carbon fees.

How to Get Canada Carbon Rebate?

A Canadian’s annual tax return must be filed in order to collect their Canada Carbon Rebate. The applicable box on the tax return must be checked by rural inhabitants in order to get the rural top-up. Every three months, the Canada Carbon Rebate will be instantly deposited into the bank account of Canadians who have enrolled for direct deposit with the Canada Revenue Agency; if not, a cheque will be sent instead.

The individual who files their tax return first, regardless of whether they are married or in a common-law partnership, will get the full amount of the Canada Carbon Rebate for all occupants of the household, including children.

The Canada Carbon Rebate direct payments that Canadians get in their bank accounts each three-month period are being urged by the federal government to be labelled similarly by banking institutions.

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