GIS Benefit for Senior Citizens: Check Eligible, Allowance Amount, Payment Date

Crucial details of the GIS Benefit for Senior Citizens: Check Eligible, Allowance Amount, Payment Date can be found here. The recent topic of discussion is the GIS Benefit for Senior Citizens which most people are eager to know about. GIS is for the residents of Canada and not for those who stay outside.

GIS Benefit for Senior Citizens

The Canadian Government ensures that individuals who are earning a low income, even counting their spouses’ income then they are eligible for OAS. The Senior Citizens who have applied for the old age security are eligible to receive the GIS. They will get a monthly payment to manage their expenses after retirement.

GIS is provided to low-income households in the country. This is a non-taxable fund that ensures that every citizen is free from the financial burden. The benefit from the amount is that the person can be assured of a fixed income to complete the cost of living requirements.

Eligiblity for GIS Benefit

The standard age for applying for the benefit is 65 years, the age at which the pension is received.

The early beneficiaries of the OAS Program can apply for it. Income status is another criterion that is set up by the authorities for the welfare of the citizens.

  • The applicant must be a resident of the country and should not live outside.
  • The income criteria are 21,456 CAD for singles, 39,648  when staying with a spouse, and 51,408 CAD when earning.
  • GIS Applicants regularly file a tax return.
  • In the case of an immigrant, they have to prove their residency for at least 10 years when they are over 18 years old.

The above-mentioned criteria are set up by CRA and have to be followed by all applicants. They must remember to register from the relevant website only.

GIS Allowance Amount

After checking the eligibility, the application has to be submitted to the Federal Department, which is the Canada Revenue Agency, to get the allowance amount. The submission can be made on call or from the official portal. The applicants have to enter their social security number, income/pension details, personal information, and more. Calculating the Guaranteed Income Supplement is quite easy. Simply add the OAS/GIS income with the amount you get from employment or self-employment.

The individuals who are staying alone will get the amount of 1,032.10 CAD, whereas 621.25 CAD is for those who are staying with a spouse and are also receiving OAS. Lastly, the married couples will get 1,032.10 CAD.

GIS Benefit Payment Date

The beneficiaries do not have to make any contribution to get the GIS. They have to be an OAS pensioner who receives a specific amount. Tax-free money can be effective in mitigating regular expenses. The last payment date of the present year would be around 21 December. The beneficiaries can check the details from the main portal. If you are new to GIS, then follow the steps to complete the registration.

  • The applicants have to register to the My Canada Service Account.
  • There will be a form that has to be filled with the necessary details such as DOB, SIN, personal info, bank details, and more.
  • Upload the documents such as residency proof, birth certificate, income proof via tax return, and more.

After submitting the form, call on 1800 277 9914 if you have any queries. The issue must be properly listed in front of the officials so that they can provide the relevant solution to you. The further details can be checked from the My Canada Service Account. You have to use the credentials to access the portal.

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