Government Internship Program Philippines: What GIP and Who Can Get Benefits From It?

Read all on the Government Internship Program Philippines: What GIP and Who Can Get Benefits From It? Finding an internship that pays you a good amount of stipend can be a challenging task as a student. Government Internship Program Philippines can provide valuable experience and also have to boost the skills along with the salary.

Government Internship Program Philippines

Filipinos can consider pursuing online courses and opt out of virtual internships to gain abundant experience and enhance their resume. Always stay positive and constant in research and do not hesitate to reach out the mentors and counselors for better guidance.

Youngsters who want to join the training ground to become government employees can fill out the Dole-GIP application from the official web handle. The National Youth Commission utilizes the GIP programs to alleviate the poverty and unemployment rates in the nation.

What Is GIP In The Philippines?

GIP is a special program designed for young enthusiast workers to serve as government employees in the country. The chief motto of the program is to employ a maximum number of skilled youths. Students can also reach out to local businesses to inquire about internship opportunities.

After the COVID-19 Pandemic Philippines has faced massive hardship in terms of economic growth. Numerous individuals became unemployed during that time. To cope with and encourage the young generation the authority initiated to installation of GIP.

Government Internship Program Eligibility

Here are the eligibility criteria that a candidate must meet to get entitled to the wage under GIP.

  • Applicant must be aged between 18 to 30 years in 2024.
  • Candidates have to contribute three to six months to the internship program.
  • Individuals must be in high school, graduate, or out of school holding an appropriate degree.
  • Students with zero work experience can participate.

Under some exceptional circumstances, people up to the age of 35 can enroll in case they belong to areas struck by disasters, and natural and man-made calamities.

Important Information On GIP Philippines

The form must be filled appropriately and kindly avoid any type of error. Attach a 2×2 photo along with the bio-data form. Check out the crucial documents that must be gathered before filling out the forms.

  • Graduation Certificate.
  • High school students must have Form 137.
  • ToR summarizing achievement for college students.

Also, have an eye on certain conditions put by the Government.

  • After enrolling the candidates cannot step back from the employment period. There will be atleast three to six months of employment period.
  • The monthly salary allocated to the entitled will be 75% of the minimum wage systems implemented in the province.
  • The qualifier may have to re-engage after six months as per the guidance of the instructor.
  • The re-engagement is based on performance and enhancing skills as an intern.

Now you are all set to fill out the application read the other part to know the date for the application.

GIP Application Date 2024

The form can be filled in either by visiting the nearest DOLE office or by generating an email to The office remains closed on public holidays and also every Saturday and Sunday. Declaring the result might take time depending on the quantity of applications filled.

The Fourth batch of GIP is expected to start In August 2024. Previously the application for the Third batch was filled out on 7 August 2023. Actively fill out the forms before the deadline to avail the benefits of the scheme.

Who Can Get Benefits From It?

The job opportunities are probably for college graduates whereas the students of high can also participate to achieve more skills. Here’s a guide to finding the best job according to your preferences. Directly visiting the companies and handing out the resumes. Several job sites can be used as well like LinkedIn, JobStreet, Moneymax, and so on.

Simply creating an account on these platforms and making new connections is an effective way to search for a job. A bit of research from friends, colleagues, and family members might be helpful regarding finding a job. The government also provides certain other benefits for the unemployed so always keep an eagle eye on government officials for such benefits.

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