GST Voucher 2024: How to Get Singapore GST Voucher? Benefits and Updates

Here, you will get all the essential information concerning the GST Voucher 2024: How to Get Singapore GST Voucher? Benefits and Updates. The GST Voucher is a government plan introduced in the 2012 budget to assist Singapore’s low—and moderate-income households. The vouchers vary in the individual goods and services tax they pay, and its aid offers various components like Cash, Medisave, U-Save, and S&CC Rebate. For the year 2024, the government has increased voucher assistance to help recipients with the rising cost of living. Continue browsing this article to know about the GST Voucher 2024, its benefits, how to get it, and more.

GST Voucher 2024

The Goods and Services Tax voucher is a Singaporean Government program designed to help residents cope with the impact of the GST on everyday expenses. It is a financial assistance in the form of cash payouts and healthcare savings top-ups. The eligible beneficiaries of this plan are offered financial assistance of $850, and with the rising cost of living, the vouchers are scheduled to have a boost from 8% to 9%.

The GST Voucher 2024 helps offset the impact of GST on daily living expenses and provides additional support for low-income households who may be more affected by the rising cost of living. The government’s incentive for this voucher is to alleviate the burden of GST on Singaporean residents and promote financial security by providing direct cash assistance and healthcare savings top-ups.

How to Get a Singapore GST Voucher?

To get a Singaporean goods and services tax voucher, the first individual must meet some eligibility criteria: you must be between 21 and the prevailing retirement age, a Singapore citizen or permanent resident, your income must not exceed S$34,000, and the AV of your residence has to be under S$21,000.

If you meet the following required criteria, you can get a Singapore GST voucher. Therefore, for most individuals, it is automatically paid if you previously signed up for the voucher, and your eligibility remains unchanged. The automatic ones will receive their payouts automatically in August 2024 through their chosen method.

If you are new to the scheme or your circumstances have changed, you must register. The application period for 2023/24 closed on Apr 30, 2024, and the new application window will soon open. You can likely register through the GST Voucher e-services platform using your Singpass.

Benefits of Goods and Services Tax Voucher

The GST voucher program offers several benefits to eligible Singapore residents, particularly those with lower incomes. The voucher’s primary benefit is to offset the resident’s coping with the impact of Goods and Services Tax on everyday living expenses. It acts as a buffer, reducing the financial strain caused by this tax.

It provides direct cash assistance that offers immediate financial relief. This can be used for groceries, utilities, transportation, or other essential expenses.

Improves the living standards by offsetting the effective purchasing power that allows them to afford basic necessities. It reduces financial stress for low-income households and leads them to better mental well-being and a more stable living environment.

The GST Voucher MediSave top-up helps residents accumulate funds for future healthcare needs. It also stimulates the economy’s spending power to spend on goods and services.

Overall, this voucher program plays a significant role in supporting the financial well-being and living standards of eligible Singapore residents.


Here are some key updates for the 2024 GST Voucher scheme:

  • The government has announced an increase in the cash payouts for the 2024 voucher. The exact amount depends on your income tier, but expect an increase compared to previous years.
  • The government is encouraging the recipient to opt for PayNow NRIC for faster and more secure payouts.
  • There have been reports of phishing scams related to the GST voucher. So, you must only access the official web portal for information and updates.

These are some recent updates from the government, and the cash payment is anticipated to start in the month of August 2024.

This scheme remains a valuable government initiative to support Singaporeans in managing their daily expenses. You can ensure this financial assistance if you qualify by understanding the eligibility criteria, application process, and benefits. Therefore, remember to check for updates and utilize the convenient digital payment options that are available.

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