Is $6400 Subsidy Real? Everything You Should Know About It

In this post, you will find all the information you need to know about the $6400 subsidy, including if it is real or not. This article contains important information on the $6400 subsidy, including whether it is real and what you should know about it.

Is $6400 Subsidy Real and Legit?

The US is currently experiencing a fresh wave of free subsidies scams. An advertisement or pop-up offering a $6400 subsidy to citizens may have been viewed by some. To further establish its credibility, the advertisement includes Snoop Dogg and Joe Biden.

Nevertheless, the $6400 subsidy is deceptive and might deplete consumers’ bank balances regardless of how legitimate it appears. Social Security recipients are the intended victims of the most recent fraud.

The $6400 subsidy is completely fraudulent. Do not click on any ads that promise free money or subsidies. Its construction gives the impression that it is authentic and genuine-looking. Nevertheless, the whole thing is a hoax designed to con people out of their money.

In order to determine eligibility, users will be asked to provide personal information when they click on the $6400 subsidy ad or pop-up. When seeking free cash, many are tempted to part with sensitive information such as bank account numbers and personal details.

Criminals committing identity or financial fraud utilise this data to target their victims. People in their golden years who have signed up for social security are a common target. Reason being, they assume that the majority of elderly people are defenceless against such schemes.

Scammers, not the government, get control of the user when they click on the ad. The imposters pretend to be well-known figures from the world of politics, music, journalism, etc.

This gives the impression that they are legitimate, which attracts victims. It is crucial for everyone to report these scams as soon as they come to their attention. They will be safe, and others may be spared from possible deception, if this happens.

The authorities investigate claims of scams and determine their veracity when individuals report them. If it turned out to be a hoax, the government would punish the perpetrators severely and could even prohibit the site or its ads.

In addition, victims of these seemingly legitimate schemes should contact the authorities without delay if they are unsure of how to proceed. In order to lure victims into giving up their personal information, scammers often use enticing promises of big sums of money or other rewards.

Other Alternatives To Consider For $6400 Subsidy

Some social media posts have circulated the idea that the government is subsidising people to the tune of $6400. Official government websites, such as: provide information on real government benefits, whereas the subsidies are a fraud.

Businesses and individuals in financial distress can apply for government subsidies, which are benefits. There is no official connection between the government and the posts offering $6400 in free money. Stay tuned for further details regarding this subsidy, its deception, and other possible benefits for which you could be eligible.

Everything To Know About $6400 Subsidy Scam

Here are some examples of how the public is being targeted in the name of giving $6400 subsidy. This scam is not new, 2 years ago the general public was being targeted by announcing that congress is providing a $6400 subsidy, which was totally fake (Find proper details below).

Scam seen across Tiktok promising $6400 subsidy

There’s a hoax circulating that claims the US government is providing a subsidy at no cost to you. Should you be eligible, the pitch amounts to $6400. Everywhere you look on TikTok, which millions of people watch daily, you’ll see the offer.

The head honcho at the Better Business Bureau of Greater East Tennessee, Tony Binkley, recently sat down with WATE to see several TikTok videos boasting about this incredible offer of free money.

“Yes, the 6400 credits are real,” says an automated voice in one of the videos. In that case, I can expedite your eligibility for that. Allow me to pose a few questions to you before we move on. It will only take a few minutes, though.

A number of viewers have inquired with WATE about the existence of a government subsidy for individuals with annual incomes below $50,000. The $6400 subsidy does not exist, but these influencers are making you believe otherwise.

To extract $6400 out of the government for free, they’re going for folks who might be, well, desperate. And they want you to do something immediately. According to Binkley, there are individuals who claim to know what’s real and what’s not.

Another video features an influencer who warns viewers not to trust all the rumours around the deal. According to her, the subsidy is solely beneficial for insurance.

The advertisements are quite deceiving because they claim that you can use this subsidy to cover all of your expenses, including food, utilities, and bills. But that’s not the case. According to the influencers, the subsidy will be directed directly to the insurance company.

You can’t spend the money anyway you choose, according to this one. It is exclusively for insurance purposes. But if you put that money towards insurance, you’ll have more discretionary income to go towards food. “She is attempting to portray herself as protecting us by providing us with that information,” Binkley remarked.

Their request is that you take immediate action. Your personal information is the target of this attack.

Nobody ever wants you to be patient. Their goal is to prevent you from seeking out the truth from someone you trust and conversing with others. The goal is to gain your trust, Binkley explained. Simply typing the $6400 government award into a search engine will provide the facts about that. There will be a plethora of official accounts denying its veracity.

An influencer cautions viewers not to fall for the con in yet another video posted to TikTok.

“Remain free from its clutches. Nothing is happening in terms of government subsidies. It’s all deceit. Good, everyone. Before you go, the influencer urged.

Because this scam happens so often and is so bad, the government, banking institutions, and consumer advocacy groups have all issued many warnings. They all tell people to be careful and not fall for the con artists’ tricks. People can report the scams to the Federal Trade Commission.

Did Congress Passed A $6400 Subsidy For Some Americans?

Many posts that say they can give users $6400 in funding lead to websites that have nothing to do with the posts. Official government websites are where you can get real government perks that we have mentioned above.

By “government subsidies,” opens a new tab, we mean money that the government gives to people or businesses. But a number of posts on social media sites claim to offer $6400 in benefits to users, even though the posts don’t have any official government ties.

One Facebook post (now archived) leads people to irrelevant websites with the caption, “I FINALLY GOT THE $6400 SUBSIDY TOO!” Not as hard as you think. Just click on “Apply Now” and chat with Jessica in the window that comes up. Her question will be very short. In a week, your reimbursement will be sent to you. You only have today to apply, so hurry! seems to connect people to outside insurance companies, and is supposed to be an online marketing business.

In another post (archived, starts new tab), there is probably a computer-made audio track that sounds like Trump’s voice promoting the $6400 subsidy.

Not a single piece of evidence points to Trump supporting this type of subsidy, and his staff did not reply right away to a request for comment.

People can go to through the link in this post. “Congratulations!” is written on its home page. It looks like you’re good enough! “Tap to Call Below to Get a $1400 Monthly Subsidy and a Free Health Plan,” but its Terms of Service say that it’s really just a way to connect people with other insurance companies.

There is also a note on the website that says it is not connected to the US government or the Medicare programme. Our goal is to help people with insurance issues and give them knowledge.

In a video in another post (archived, starts new tab), the narrator says, “The new Inflation Reduction Act has just been updated to give Americans making less than $50,000 per year any amount of money every month.”

The Inflation Reduction Act, which was put into law by U.S. President Joe Biden on August 16, 2022, has not been changed this year, though.

The $430 billion U.S. Inflation Reduction Act was meant to lower the cost of health care, encourage clean energy, and raise taxes on businesses at a time when inflation was the highest it had been in decades.

How to Stay Away from Scams?

If someone sees ads or pop-ups that offer free money, they should report them right away. Don’t click on the links that are given because they could have viruses or scripts that are dangerous and can help the scammers steal your information.

Scams can be reported to the Federal Trade Commission. To do this, report a scam on the FTC’s official website. Many times, the report is sent to more than 2800 police officers so that the problem can be fixed quickly.

You can use the reports to look into things more deeply and to file complaints against frauds and scams. You can report more than just scams. You can also report theft and bad business practices.

People should still report it even if they aren’t sure if it’s a scam or not. The report can help police find out about possible scams and bad business practices, which can make a big difference.


To protect their friends and family from scams, people should also tell others about these types of schemes. The $6400 subsidy aid is not real, and the government does not give it out.

People can also learn about all of the government help and benefit programmes by going to,, and, which are all official websites.

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