LastPass Data Breach Class Action Settlement: Class Action Payment Dates, Amount, Who Can Claim it?

Check the details about the LastPass Data Breach Class Action Settlement: Class Action Payment Dates, Amount, Who Can Claim it? here. The cyber crimes are majorly reported in banking and investment firms. The security managing companies are also part of this crime. One such incident has occurred with the LastPass company. The complete details about the LastPass Data Breach Class Action Settlement have been shared in this article.

LastPass Data Breach Class Action Settlement

The company has been involved in the data breach case for four months in 2022. The anonymous plentiful has filed a lawsuit against the security and password managing company that they are sharing the details with the third-party user. According to the lawsuit, the company has been involved in malpractice for more than four months. A huge amount of capital has been collected during these actions.

The lawsuit has been filed against the related companies such as the GoTo technology that has the software as the service cloud structure and the security management by the LastPass companies. the allegation shows that the company has failed to protect its class members and their paid user’s personal information and other details. As per the data around 25 million users have lost their personal data and passwords to the third-party user.

The Case

The case was filed in 2022, and the final verdict is yet to be announced. There are several users that have filed the petition for the settlement amount of the release of their information. According to the technical department of the company, the attackers targeted the cloud storage during August 2022, the details were confined to them and another malicious virus was updated in the SaaS platform of the cloud which led to the transfer of the data to the third-party users.

The company claims that it holds the password with the zero-knowledge encryption that holds PBKDF2-SHA256 technology with 65,000 iterations. The separate authentication hash is used to protect the keywords from server-side attacks. many of the hackers have even used passwords to theft the finances and the cryptocurrency. A plentiful has filed a lawsuit that their $53,400 worth of crypto has been debited.

Class Action Payment Dates

The final verdict is yet to be declared, however, the latest updates on the case describe that the hearing from the application for the class proceeding has been scheduled for September 2024. The timeline of the Settlement case has been discussed in this section

25th August 2022: The company has notified its users that unusual activity has been detected in the development environment of the cloud architecture. However, the services were working normally and the company didn’t focus much on it.

15th September 2022: The firm announced the passwords are safe and the attackers have not accessed the password vaults.

30th November 2022: The company noticed the unauthorized access to some of the accounts and has started the investigation for the malicious virus.

3rd January 2023: Anonymous plentiful has filed a lawsuit against the company for the data breach.

23rd January 2023: GoTo, the parent company of LastPass has announced that the hackers have exfiltered the backup accounts.

15th September 2023: A million users have found that their information was being shared with their party users.

15th January 2024: The court has scheduled the final verdict in September 20204.

LastPass Data Breach Class Action Settlement Amount

The company has been seeking funds for managing the loss of the investors and to recover the compensation of damages and the losses of the class member details, finances, reputation, and creditworthiness. As, of now there are no refunds stated by the firm.

However, the refunds and the penalty for the data breach will be issued by the court, and the company has to pay them in the given period. The users are advised to file the settlement class actions with valid documents to receive the settlement amount.

Who Can Claim LastPass Data Breach Class Action Settlement?

The settlement amount will be issued to the claimant with the valid documents. the former users who are majorly affected by the breach will be the property of the settlement amount. the class members and the investors of the company will also be paid for their losses and their stock prices.

To be included in the class action, the candidates should be residents of Canada and the former user of the service company. The documents about the privacy breach should be issued in the lawsuit to validate the claims.

The small companies using the services and have suffered the loss will be issued with the amount of the loss caused to them. All the small firms connected to the LastPass will be eligible to receive the class action settlement.

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