SSS Pension Changes 2024: New Pension Changes, History, and Future for a Pension Increase in the Philippines

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SSS Pension Changes 2024

SSS Pension is a national social welfare program that was started in the Philippines by the Social Security Commission. The deposit of retirement pensions and other benefit programs to the elderly is the responsibility of the SSS authorities. beneath the company.

Low-income people and families are intended to get financial assistance under the SSS Pension scheme. Based on projections, almost 3.5 million retired seniors depend on their SSS pension to cover their monthly needs.

The SSS pension amounts are reviewed every year and adjusted according to the rate of inflation. This year also, several SSS Pension Changes 2024 has been introduced which are discussed in detail in this post.

SSS New Pension Changes

The CEO and president of SSS, Ronaldo Ledesema Macaset, continue the conversation on proposing an increase in the payment during a stakeholder meeting. In 2024, there will be a large P223,981.99 rise in the retirement pension amount.

Your SSS pension is calculated using the number of years you made your contributions as well as the monthly salary credit. Your SSS monthly pension will increase in proportion to the MSC and the length of time you pay payments. The maximum amount that retirees in the Philippines can get is ₱18,495. The pension is ₱2,000 per month at the least.

History and Future for Pension Increase in Philippines

Republic Act No. 1161, often known as the Social Security Act of 1954, was passed, and on September 1st, 1957, the SSS was established.

An increase of 14% was made to the SSA pension in the year 2023, the year before that as well. Pension payouts are expected to grow by 14.5 to 15% in the current fiscal year, according to officials from Labor and Management. Between P1000 and P2000 is where the entire increase in the amount is expected to fall.

SSS members must pay their payments on a regular basis in order to guarantee that they will get sizable benefits once they retire. Up to 2025, the contribution rate, which is now 13% of an employee’s monthly wage credit, will rise by 1% every other year.

Receiving SSS Pension

A photocopy of the member’s passbook, ATM card, first deposit slip, bank statement, or Visa Cash Card enrollment form must be submitted along with the application for an SSS retirement. Members must create a single savings account.

The selected bank—ideally, the branch closest to the member’s residence—will receive the pension from the SSS. Two methods exist for receiving SSS retirement benefits:

Lump-sum Payment: A lower fee set by the SSS is another option available to members for the first 18 months of their pension. On the 19th month and beyond, the monthly pension will thereafter be paid.

Lifetime-Pension: Applying for the retirement benefit will initiate the monthly pension. The monthly pension payout will be stopped until the person becomes 65 if they choose to resume employment after turning 60.

In Social Security, the total amount of employer and member payments, interest included, is known as the lump sum.

Final Words

The fundamentals of SSS pension calculation and answers to the most common concerns regarding SSS pension should be provided by this book if you have elderly family members, such as parents, who have been contributing to the Social Security system for years and are almost ready to retire.

To maintain their monthly pension, all retirees are being urged by the Social Security System (SSS) to report to the SSS for the Annual Confirmation of Pensioners (ACOP). As to the updated requirements of the ACOP program, retiring pensioners who are 80 years of age or older and living in the Philippines must begin participating in the program on March 20, 2024.

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