New Senior Citizens Pension Philippines: How Much is it? Possible Increase, Payment Dates

In this article, you will get to know about the Senior Citizens Pension Philippines: How Much is it? Possible Increase, Payment Dates. The senior citizen’s pension is the monthly benefit that provides financial assistance to old-aged seniors as their cost of living. These are the federal assistance whose benefits are delivered by the Federal Government to help and support the Philippines seniors with their well-being. In the year 2024, the social security system has facilitated the new higher rates of pension benefits that are entitled to rising inflation. To know more about the Senior Citizens Pension Philippines, increased rates, and more, continue browsing this article.

Senior Citizens Pension Philippines

The Department of Social Welfare and Development has increased the social pension aid for senior citizens. For the year 2024, the DBM has announced the P48.81 billion allotted increase fund in the pension payment. The low-income seniors are offered these benefits as help and support with their day-to-day expenses. With this pension aid, the old aged recipient is able to cover their living cost and have the proper sufficient living assistance.

The Senior Citizens Pension Philippines provides monthly allowances with a whole lump amounting to their total contribution. This program is one of the most accessible pension plans in the Philippines that are facilitated by the Social Security System. The pension program is one of the easiest ways to invest as it is mandated by federal law and directly automated from the worker’s salary.

How Much is Senior Citizens Pension?

The SSS pension is provided to those who come under federal eligibility. there are many factors which are considered for pension financial assistance including the individual age, category, annual gross income, and primary residence. In 2024, the retirees will be offered a higher rate of Senior Citizens Pension Philippines which amount is subjected to a rise of 14% in the essential payments.

The federal authorities are considering the increase in the retirement funds by P223,981.99. The Government has increased the pension benefits by considering the rising cost of inflation and the cost of living assistance which are intent to the rising inflation through which the low-income recipient are facing the higher cost of challenges in their daily living.

Senior Citizens Pension Possible Increase

For the year 2024, the Social Security System has made changes by comparing the rising cost of living and inflation from the previous year. By considering the inflation the pensioners will have their Senior Citizens Pension Philippines increase by 14 to 15% from the previous year. The Federal Government makes major decisions for seniors to overcome their expenses and have sufficient cost-of-living assistance.

The possible increase will be offered by considering the individual situation and rising inflation. The Federal Department of Budget and Management will make out the increase by briefing the coordination committee at the House of Representatives. The social pension for indigent senior citizens is expanded and will provide additional financial assistance of P500 per month that augments the daily expenses and medical allowances in Senior Citizens Pension Philippines.

Senior Citizens Pension Payment Dates

The Senior Citizens Pension Philippines are granted monthly benefits allowance by the Federal Government. This allowance will be granted as tax-free benefits that are intended to help seniors with their federal cost of living. In 2024, beneficiaries will also granted with higher cost of assistance and recipient will be offered their monthly benefits on the following dates.

The Social Security System delivers Senior Citizens Pension Philippines financial assistance on the last day of each month, and the eligible recipient will be offered their federal benefits on the following dates of each month in 2024.

  • 29th Feb 2024
  • 29th Mar 2024
  • 20th Apr 2024
  • 31st May 2024
  • 28th Jun 2024
  • 31st Jul 2024
  • 30th Aug 2024
  • 30th Sep 2024
  • 31st Oct 2024
  • 28th Nov 2024
  • 31st Dec 2024

On these following dates, the Senior Citizens Pension Philippines will receive their pension assistance. The eligible recipient will receive their assistance as a direct deposit into their bank account. To receive these benefits you are required to come under the federal eligibility requirements and the candidate must be retired and not have any other additional source of income.

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