SASSA Pension Dates July-August 2024: Types of SASSA Pension Grants? Eligibility, How to Claim?

In this article, you will get to know about the SASSA Pension Dates: Types of SASSA Pension Grants and Who is Eligible? Payment Dates. The South Africa Social Security Agency grants certain different types of SASSA pensions to the citizens. These grants are based on the citizen’s based needs and requirements.

SASSA Pension Dates

The beneficiaries receive these payments on the basis of their situation and working factors by considering factors like age, disability, and other situations. These grants are delivered to children, adults, and old age. To know more further details regarding the SASSA Pension Dates, its types, and benefits continue browsing this article.

The Federal Government of South Africa provides numerous benefits to the African citizens. These pensions are provided on a monthly basis to eligible citizens with the intent to help needy people. The beneficiaries of these payments receive their benefits on different dates as there are many pension plans that start from child to old age citizens.

In 2023, the grants are delivered on their exact dates to each beneficiary. The SASSA delivers Old-person grants, children’s grants, disability grants, care dependency grants, and many other grants from different pensioners. The individual will receive their monthly grants of the old person on Dec 1 2023. The Disability grants will be delivered by Dec 4, and children’s grants will be received on Dec 5, 2023.

What is SASSA Pension Grants?

The SASSA pension grants are the financial assistance that is provided to the millions of individuals in South Africa. These financial aids play a vital role in South Africa, reducing poverty and providing support to vulnerable populations.

These grants are administrated through the South Africa Social Security Agency. These pension grants are not delivered to every individual in South Africa, the authorities grant these benefits on the basis of individual requirements. The beneficiaries of these grants are required to make an application to the Government and receive the grants with certain factors. Which involves their income, assets, age, and other financial factors.

Types of SASSA Pension Grants

There are many pension grants in South Africa that are made on the basis of different criteria. Here are some of the SASSA Pension Grants.

  • Old Age Grants: In these grants, the SASSA provides financial assistance to citizens who are above the age of 60 years. Through this, the old-age citizens receive sufficient monthly grants by which they can access their monthly expenses. In this program, the individual can receive their maximum monthly benefits of R 2090 per month.
  • Child Support Grants: With this grant, children under the age of 18 years receive monthly financial aid for their daily expenses and requirements. Through this program, the children receive the sum of R 510 per month. These grants are made in order to raise the children with better facilities, this benefit can be received by the children’s parents, grandparents, or the primary caretaker.
  • Disability Grants: The SASSA provides these grants to the disabled over the age of 18 years. These grants are made to individuals who are not able to work and take care of themselves. The Government granted these grants to both the mentally and physically disabled. The individual receives the monthly DG of R2,090.

These are some of the SASSA pension grants for eligible beneficiaries through the Federal Government.

Who is Eligible for SASSA Pension?

The SASSA pension grants are provided on the basis of specific eligibility criteria, which involve;

  • The individual is required to be a South African citizen.
  • Be the age of 60 years or older.
  • Not receiving further other social grants from SASSA
  • not earn more than R 86 280 to R 172 560, which depends on the status of the individual
  • For children grants the child is required to be under the age of 18 years.

These are some of the eligibility criteria for the individual who is receiving or willing to receive the SASSA Pension grants.

SASSA Payment Dates

All of these grants are provided on a monthly basis, but dates vary according to the working days. Here are some dates on which the beneficiaries will receive their social grants through the Government.

GrantsPayment Dates
Old age pensionDec 1, 2023
Disability GrantsDec 4, 2023
Children GrantsDec 5, 2023
Old age pensionJan 3, 2024
Disability grantsJan 4, 2024
Children GrantsJan 5, 2024

These are the dates on which the beneficiary will receive their monthly benefits. In the Upcoming year, the individual will receive the benefits grants with some additional benefits.

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