SASSA Grant Amount: What Are the Benefit Amount in Rand for All Grants in South Africa

Get the vital information for the SASSA Grant Amount: What Are the Benefit Amount in Rand for All Grants in South Africa from here. The SASSA Grant Amount is decided according to the requirements of the citizens. The purpose is to ensure the healthy living of a citizen in terms of a grant. During the time of the pandemic, several citizens have faced financial crises. They have lost their family, close ones, jobs and savings.

SASSA Grant Amount

The payment is made to the individuals who have experienced financial issues at the time of the pandemic. The SA Government wanted to support the citizens in avoiding poverty and promoting self-dependency.

A person who is disabled or is above 60 years old can apply for the grant. Their details and the documents will be verified by the SASSA authorities to transfer the grant amount.

What is the Grant Amount?

R350 is provided as the payable amount to the citizens that is transferred monthly to the respective bank accounts. During the lockdown, people were unable to do their jobs and earn money. Their savings were utilised in treatment and medicines.

South African Social Security Agency is looking forward to providing the pay in the December month. The beneficiaries can check the details from the main portal. Moreover, the latest news suggests that there will be an increase in the amount by March 2024.

Who Gets the Grant?

The individuals who are deprived of finances, disabled, or in need of finances receive the grant amount. The link to the website is, where the individuals have to sign in to know the potential details. SRD status, grant schedule, the reason for payment due, and more information are available in this portal. Once the beneficiaries are verified, they begin to receive the grant. The next grant amount will be made available in January 2024. There are various types of grants that are provided to the citizens according to their specific requirements. Some of these are discussed in the next section.

What Are the Benefit Amount in Rand for All Grants in South Africa?

Unlike the pandemic fund, the Government has provided different grants that enable the citizens to lead a comfortable life. The amount can be used for medical expenses, cost of living, managing the monthly budget, buying groceries & required food items, paying bills, and more.

  • SRD: The Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress grant is R350 for all the beneficiaries. The exceptions are excluded from this list.
  • Grant in Aid: R510 is the amount if you are caring for someone full-time. The individual needs to submit the application to the authorities to begin receiving the money.
  • Child Grant: More than R500 is issued to low-income earning families in South Africa. The parents can nurture their child with a better education, food, and lifestyle.
  • Disability Grant: The Department of Home Affairs has decided to pay R2090 every month to disabled persons. Their documents have to be valid to continue receiving the amount.
  • Care Dependency Grant: R1 980 is the amount for the child, and for adults, the amount is the same as that of the Disability Grant. The carer receives the money to take better care of the patient or the person who is in need.
  • Old Age Pension: The person who is older than 75 years will receive the amount of R2110 as R2090 is for the other people. Pensionable income is beneficial for individuals to avoid financial burdens.

The above list discusses the fewer benefit amounts for the beneficiaries. Generally, the payment is transferred on the provided date. If not, then there could be any reason for the following:

  • Public Holidays: Most long weekends strike the process of transferring the amount.
  • Wide List of SASSA Applications: Several applications mean that the officials have to perform verification, which consumes a lot of time.
  • Technical Glitches: The officials provide an important reason for the grant, that is, the technical issue. There could be internet problems, software concerns, or anything else.

Considering a case when you have not received the money you must visit the nearest SASSA Office. The officials will guide you further if there is any problem.

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