Snapchat Class Action Settlement 2024: Lawsuit Payment Amount, Eligibility, Payment Dates Check

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Snapchat Class Action Settlement 2024

In 2022 a lawsuit was filed against Snapchat regarding helping the drug dealer in exploiting the younger generation. Any individual can bring forth the lawsuit but winning it is a big deal. The company or the community tried all possible ways to save themselves from paying the settlement amount.

Prior many cases have been recorded against Snapchat for deceptively saying it users that the sender will be notified for taking screenshots of any snap. Despite that iPhone users were using simple techniques to evade the screenshot detection so that the application does not notify the nap sender for capturing the screen.

Lawsuit Payment Amount 2024

Snapchat parent company agrees to pay the amount of $35 million to all their active users. Each candidate who has filed claims by filling out the application will be funded with the amount of $16.35. Snapchat claims that in its privacy policy, it does not have any access to the geolocation. The company misused its data collection practices. Reports have been found for sharing Android users’ location with a third party.

One of the users also filed a lawsuit for using the filters in capturing the biometrics and violating all the privacy policies of the users. Snapchat executives completely neglected the evidence and disagreed with providing shelter to drug dealers targeting young individuals. For years Snapchat has been well known for its disappearing messages feature. The dealer used to misuse the privacy policy and target the teen audiences.

Snapchat Class Action Settlement Eligibility

More than 60 children including teens were affected by the overdose of drug usage. The parents being the victim of the Social Media Platform requested the Government to take action against the company. We have shared a few eligibility norms for Snapchat Class Action Settlement.

  • The claimant must be a US resident using their services.
  • The applicant must have used Snapchat or its filters from 17 November 2015.

Immigrants will not receive any funds as BIPA only implies for US citizens.

Snapchat Class Action Settlement Payment Dates 2024

Judges from the jury also claimed that Snapchat was attempting to dismiss the case. Snapchat denied accepting the allegation and requested to represent themselves in court for being loyal to their users regarding the privacy policy. Snapchat’s Parent company will be putting more effort into promoting safety.

On 2 January 2024, dozens of families won a lawsuit against Snapchat’s parent company Snap Inc. Two children died after installing the drug supplied through the Snapchat platform. Eligibles will receive the settlement amount by 23 January 2024. Applicants who have claimed to revive the amount through paper checks might be getting it within 30 days via the postal services.

Unfortunately, the procedure to fill out the forms has been closed previously. The applicant who has timely filled out the application will be receiving the fund directly through the electronic payment. Beneficiaries who have not obtained any amount are requested to visit the official website and talk to the experts. They will put some effort into helping you gain your rights on the amount.

Snapchat Class Action Settlement Overview

The situation became worse for Snapchat when one of the members of the affected child filed a lawsuit. The member stated that Snapchat has become the new platform for drug dealers who are targeting teens and supplying them with a drug named ‘fentanyl’ which is used for treating cancer patients. Fentanyl drug is the largest killer for kids below the age of 18 years and social media plays a crucial role in its sale.

The main cause, why Fentanyl is deadliest than most opioids, is because it contains highly soluble fats that allow it to enter the brain quickly. However, when it is used without a prescription it results in deadly consequences. Drug addiction is a disease of the brain and at a very young age, it may even lead to death.

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