Salary Increase 2024: What is the Expected Salary Increase in South Africa with History?

We urge you to read this article and find all the relevant details on Salary Increase 2024: What is the Expected Salary Increase in South Africa with History? Financial resources and everyday necessities are always needed, and their costs will always rise. Thus, in order to give their employees a large salary boost in 2024, South African organizations intend to expand their budgets.

Salary Increase 2024

The employment rate in South Africa grew by 784,000 jobs (5.0%) in the year that ended in 2024, and it is anticipated to rise even more as a result of the salary increase in 2024. Many have, however, complained that average income increases in South Africa are not keeping up with inflation.

Further details regarding the Salary Increase 2024, total increase, need for the increase and past history, all have been discussed in-detail in this article.

Need for Salary Increase 2024

Business optimism in South Africa is fairly high. For the first two months of 2024, organizations intend to raise their compensation budgets. 70% of the employers identified inflationary pressure as a factor, and almost half (44%) stated they are attempting to attract and retain people in response to a more difficult labor market.

Within the next 12 months, approximately 16 percent of organizations intend to add more employees overall. Over the course of the next year, companies have plans to hire engineers (59%) and IT workers (56%), with salespeople (48%) being the most desired position. To draw in new employees, businesses are raising their wages as a result.

Salary Increase Overview 2024

Article NameSalary Increase 2024
CountrySouth Africa
Provided byWTW
Expected Increase for 20246%
Current Minimum Wage25.42 ZAR/hour
More DetailsFind Here

What is the Expected Salary Increase in South Africa?

Following intense negotiations, the employer presented its final offer of a 5.5% salary increase for 2024–2024 and a 6% salary increase for the 2024–2025 fiscal year. This was in response to PSA’s demands for a 10% increase. The employer had previously offered a 3.5% salary increase in line with the authorized levy increase from municipalities.

Amidst persistent inflation and competitive job markets, South African employers intend to enhance their pay budgets by 6.1% in 2024 in an effort to draw and keep employees. According to the employer, if the company reaches its 80% yearly performance goal, they are open to starting talks in April 2024 about allowing employees to work one day remotely.

In addition, the 6.1% increase scheduled for 2024 is marginally less than the 6.6% real average increase in pay budgets made in 2024, according to the most recent Salary Budget Planning Report from WTW, a renowned worldwide advice, broking, and solutions organization. The report received 440 answers in South Africa.

Current Average Salary in South Africa

The average monthly pay for a South African worker is 31,100 ZAR, or 374,000 ZAR annually. This translates to an average yearly salary of USD 19,233 based on May 2024 exchange rates. In South Africa, the minimum pay is 7,880 ZAR per month, while the maximum average salary is 139,000 ZAR per month. This represents the country’s national salary range.

Accommodation, transportation, and other expenses are covered by the average monthly pay. Thus, across all industries, the average total remuneration earned by South African public sector employees is 7% higher than that of their private sector counterparts. This is due to the fact that the industry, work experience, job type, title, education level, and other factors all affect the average wage.

In South Africa, a person makes 27,100 ZAR a month on average. This translates to a median wage of 325,000 ZAR per year. This indicates that half of South Africans earn less than 27,100 ZAR, while the other half earns more than that amount.

South Africa Salary Increase History

Over the previous five years, core inflation in South Africa rose by 26.6%, but the average take-home pay increased by 22.8%. According to a survey by payment services provider BankservAfrica, South Africans’ real incomes have lagged behind inflation over the last five years.

It has been less by over four percentage points. Because their cost of living is rising more quickly, this implies that salaried individuals are actually in worse financial shape.

The minimum wage in South Africa grew from 23.19 ZAR/hour in 2022 to 25.42 ZAR/hour in 2024. South Africa’s minimum wages ranged from 20.00 ZAR/hour in 2019 to 25.42 ZAR/hour in 2024, with an average of 22.21 ZAR/hour between 2019 and 2024.

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