TD Bank Class Action: Who is Eligible for Settlement Payment 2024? Payment Dates and Amount

In this article, you will get to know about the TD Bank Class Action Payment 2024: Who is Eligible for Settlement? Payment Dates and Amount. In the year 2021, a class action was initiated against the Toronto Dominion Bank which stemmed from the allegation of unlawfully charging its customers with multiple nonsufficient funds on their single check or payment. In the year 2024, the federal TD bank will make a payout of nearly $16 million which settlement has been green light in recent weeks. To know more about the TD Bank Class Action Payment 2024, its payment dates, and more, continue browsing this article.

TD Bank Class Action Payment 2024

Canada’s largest financial institution the Toronto Dominion Bank has been involved in the class action payment that had a profound impact on the other banking industry. The TD Bank Class Action Payment has come across a series of alleged fraudulent activities that posed a threat to the bank’s reputation and financial compensation. The bank alleged the specific banks and Visa and Mastercard colluded which are colluded with elevated interchange fees and enforce regulations.

Several Class Action lawsuits have been filed in Canada against Visa, Mastercard, and other bank defendants. These actions alleged that the defendants conspired that is set on the higher interchange costs. In Canada, the fees are paid by the businesses for their credit card transaction. Moreover, the charges were put in place rules that restrict the ability to charge extra to turn down expenses of Mastercard and Visa credit cards. The TD Bank Class Action Payment for eligible Canadians will be having their settlement assessed and the enduement of all parties involved.

For the year 2024, TD Bank has agreed to pay 15.9 million CAD to resolve the case. The settlement is awaiting the federal court’s approval, the court has assessed the settlement with a fair amount that ensures and represents the interests of all involved parties. TD Bank will directly deposit the funds into the bank account of all eligible eligible class members. However, they agreed to the settlement which has not admitted the wrongdoing and denies all the liability of alleged improper NSF charger fees.

Who is Eligible for Settlement?

The TD Bank Class Action Payment includes the Canadian individuals who were the personal deposit account holders of Toronto Dominion Bank. Along with these those who were charged NSF fees on their pre-authorized debit transactions. Not all the federal members of the class action are eligible for settlement compensation. These are only for those who were charged their NSF fees within the specified period and their accounts remain open during the settlement period for compensation.

The eligible customers were reportedly charged an NSF fee of 48 CAD under the TD Bank standard form of consumer banking transaction agreement. The TD Bank Class Action Payment lawsuit argued that the customers were not adequately informed related to their possibility of being charged with multiple fees of NSF under the same period from 2 Feb 2019 to 27 Nov 2023. The eligible Canadian will share the benefits of settlement into their bank account depending on their agreement shared.

TD Bank Class Action Payment Date 2024

The Toronto Dominion Bank will be delivering the compensation with experienced increased interchange fees and federal restrictions from the merchants with higher costs of Visa and Mastercard. The claim was administered to carefully assess and approve the valid claim. The eligible recipient will be offered their class action payment of 30 CAD if their annual average revenue is under $5 million and were undocumented claiming for small merchants. The last of filling the settlement claim is 30 Dec 2024.

The medium merchants will receive the Toronto Dominion Bank Class Action Payment of 250 CAD for their annual average revenue is required to be under $5 million to $20 million. Large Merchants with more than 20 million annual average revenue will also delivered 250 CAD, and the large merchants will document claiming type and will be offered their TD Bank Class Action Payment amount depending on their fund’s proportional share. The settlement assistance will be claimed in Feb 2024 for $188 million.

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